Equipment Available for Sale or Lease.
steam boiler

70 hp Kewanee high pressure steam boiler. 150 psi design. Gas fired. Year built- 1987

Superior Boiler

150 hp Superior steam boiler fired on natural gas or #2 fuel oil. Built in 1991. 150 psi design. Complete with all auxilliary equipment

Cleaver Brooks Boilers

600 hp Cleaver Brooks steam boilers. Two in stock. 150 psi design. Fired on gas or #2-6 oil. Both built in 1983. Available with Cleaver Brooks 45,000 pphr capacity spray type deaerator.

Johnston Boiler

80 hp Johnston steam boiler. Gas fired. 15 psi design. Built in 1978

York Shipley Boiler

80 hp York Shipley steam boiler. Fired on gas or #2 fuel oil. 15 psi design. Built in 1987.

York Shipley boiler

800 hp York Shipley high pressure steam boiler. Fired on gas or #2 fuel oil. 150 psi design. New tubes, refractory and complete rewiring in 2001. Needs jacket. Built in 1972.